Open the “emergency” closet or pantry in most homes and you’ll probably find a few days of food, maybe a few weeks.  What you won’t typically find is nearly enough water. If you’re lucky, you might find a case of bottled water. Critically, a lack of water will impact you sooner and lessen your ability to take advantage of that food.

But nearly every home has at least one bathtub, so let me show you one way to quickly rectify that problem.

For the cost of a couple cases of bottled water, you can have a quick and easily deploy-able indoor water supply in case of emergencies.

Store one of these in each bathroom with a tub and add this one step to your emergency plan… when faced with an oncoming disaster, immediately deploy the WaterBob and each tub becomes a reservoir for up to 100 gallons of fresh water.  That’s 100 person-days by strict rationing FEMA standards!

The kit even includes a handy pump so you can extract just what you need while keeping the rest safe and clean.

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