Tyler: Neat idea and sound quite economic for building and then transporting to site. Would love to see photos of some that have been built!

The TenYurt eBook details a very simple DIY prefab structure that can serve a number of needs. It can be used for simple storage or basic shelter. Why the name TenYurt? Well it is called a TenYurt simply because it has ten sides and looks a bit like a yurt.

The basic design can also be enhanced in a number of ways to make it as complete as your needs and budget allow. The eBook about the TenYurt contains 37 pages of detailed design and construction information. There is a list of tool suggestions and each part describes which tool is best for each operation. Included are complete dimensions for all the parts and a complete parts list for both the sub-component parts as well as for the whole project.

There is also detailed information about alternative materials and suggestions  on ways that the TenYurt can be enhanced. The TenYurt has been carefully designed to maximize the use of materials in such a way that there is almost no wastage. It has also been designed to allow prefabrication at a location that is remote to where you would like to install it. All of the pieces will fit into a pickup truck for transportation and nothing is larger than 4′ x 8′.

The component parts are light enough to be easily handled and installation should be a fairly simple and quick task for two people. Depending on material choices and level of enhancements it should be possible to build a TenYurt for as little as perhaps $300 or $400. Enhancements will of course cost more. The following snapshots show the full content of the book to give you an idea of the number of illustrations and the level of detail included.

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