Home remedies have been passed down from generation to generation, but in the modern age with the reduction of extended family and increased presence of commercial remedies and industrialized medical practices, much of this valuable information has fallen to the wayside. Often minor ailments can be treated without a costly, stressful and sometimes impractical visit to the emergency room. While not meant to replace trained medical attention in the case of serious ailment or injury, you may find many of the treatments below useful.

Household Item Recipe Ailment
Garlic Juice / Vapor Rub Mix together into paste. Place on square of flannel. Place on chest Aids in relieving congestion
Garlic Juice Apply to affected area. Numbs ant bites
Garlic juice, lemon juice & sugar Mix together in cup of warm water For sore throat
Powdered mustard Mix with water for a paste. Place on square of flannel. Place on chest For congestion
Honey, lemon & rum Mix together in cup of warm water For cough & sore throat (do not give honey to children under the age of one year)
Hot chile peppers Eat raw Relieves nasal congestion
Olive oil Warm teaspoon of olive oil. Place few drops in ear, then cotton. Earache
Baking soda 1 teaspoon in a glass of water Indigestion
Essence of peppermint A few drops in warm water For stomache / intestinal cramps
Horehound Mix juice of herb with water Cough / asthma
Oats Fry with salt & apply to affected area Pain reliever, removes spots & freckles from body
Onion Roast in embers then eat with honey Helps coughs
Parsley Boil, then eat Good for urinary stones & eye inflamation
Lemon Squeeze fresh juice into hand, then inhale Nasal congestion
Ginger Mix with water, boil and drink while warm For suppression of menstrual symptoms, promotes sweating, relieves early cold symptoms
Mud Apply clay-based mud to affected area Relieves pain & itching of insect stings & bites
Bleach Dilute with water, apply to affected area Athlete’s foot
Cucumber Slice and apply to affected area Soothes tired eyes
Salt pork Appy to affected area Draws infection from wound
Potato Slice, peel and place on affected area Soothes eyes
Corn starch Use as powder on affected area Soothes skin irritation. Deoderant
Nutmeg 1 teaspoon in a glass of warm milk Helps to aid sleep
Anise Mix in water to make a tea For asthma, bronchitis, cough, congestion & heartburn
Salt water 1 teaspoon in quart of warm water. Gargle For mouth sores and sore throat
Aspirin Crush & mix with warm water to make paste. Apply to affected area Relieves itchy skin. Reduce pimples
Vegetable oil Apply to affected area Help relieve dry, itchy skin
Egg whites Apply to affected area Help soothe & cool burns
Tobacco Mix with water to make a paste Soothes pains, relieve itch of insect bites/stings
Oatmeal or Cornstarch Mix with water to make paste, apply to affected area Relieving itching skin

Disclaimer: We do not offer medical advice and advise you use any home remedy with prudence, caution and common sense. In scenarios of serious injury or prolonged symptoms, seek medical attention.

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